It was great having two days snowed in this week due the extreme amount of snow here in the midwest that they are now calling the Polar Vortex. Two days cooped up in a small apartment is a true test of your relationship. Watching movies, making food, not changing out of your pajamas & browsing the web makes for an absurdly busy 3 days back at work.

I am happy it is Saturday and am looking forward to an eventful night celebrating one of my dearest friends birthday downtown Indianapolis. Back in October, we had a blast on the Brew Bus visiting four different breweries in the area. This time we are starting out with brunch, a mimosa bar at 1:00, then ending our evening on the brew bus. I am excited for what tonight has in store and to celebrate with one of my favorite friends in the world. I will be ready to tune in to the Golden Globes on Sunday. 

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