Layers & Leopard Print

Spring 2014 runways were filled with skirts over pants, and dresses over skirts, which proved that the layered trend is a free for all. So as the weather continues to get colder and winter is near I say bring on more layers. Not only does it look great but it was warm and comfortable for the frigid weather.

Lately I have been pairing button down shirts with a different colored cardigan. When I first started wearing multiple pieces together I was afraid of looking bulky. Try these three tricks to pulling off a layered look this season without feeling big.

1) Start slim with a base layer that gives you definition. Like skinny jeans and a tighter shirt on bottom. Then continue to layer from there by adding a vest, cardigan or something chunky on top.

2) The golden rule to layering is to keep your top layer your longest layer and work from there.

3) Mix materials. Leather and satin, wool and cotton, jean and silk, etc. This will keep a look fresh and wont weigh you down!

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