What you need:

  • Tulle (either on spools, or by the yard) in your desired color
  • 7/8″ ribbon in your desired color
  • Scissors (or rotary cutter and mat)
  • Measuring tape

Step 1: Measure your waist, (you need this measurement for the ribbon), I used elastic.

Step 2: Cut your strips of tulle. If you buy tulle on spools it’s much easier because it’s already cut to a width of about six inches, which is perfect for tutu making. (If you can’t find it on spools you can also buy it by the yard. You’ll just have to cut it all into six-inch wide strips before cutting those strips to the length needed for your tutu). You can use a little or a lot of tulle, it’s up to you. I like my tutus to be super fluffy and full, so I usually use about 75 yards of the tulle on spools.

Step 3: Cut your ribbon. Add 48 inches to your waist measurement and cut the ribbon this length. This will ensure nice, long ends to tie a pretty bow with.

Step 4: Start knotting on your tulle! I tie my ribbon around my leg so it’s easier to knot the tulle. Since I make super fluffy tutus, I use three strips of tulle for each knot. Gather your three strips together, fold in half and slip the folded part underneath the ribbon. Grab the two long sides of the tulle and bring them up through the fold, pull tight, and slide all the way over the the left knot in your ribbon. Continue knotting on and sliding the tulle all the way around.

Step 5: You’re done! You can trim up the bottom if you’d like, but I like the not-so-perfect look of it when it’s finished so I don’t do any trimming.

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