Why didn’t anyone warn us beforehand that you can’t type a random mountain name into your google maps application and be directed to a hiking trail?

After a delicious bloody mary bar, blue grass music & huevos rancheros at One Stop, hiking was on our list of activities for the day. We were all anxious to do some physical activity, even wearing our workout clothes to breakfast. We couldn’t wait to explore the mountains in Asheville since we had being hearing so many amazing things about the hikes and the waterfalls. Little did we know that we would be desperately searching for Lookout Mountain’s hiking trail for the next 2 hours!

Usually I would end this post by saying we eventually found the trails and hiked for hours but in this case we never did find the mountain we were looking for.

*Future note: A lot of mountains are called Lookout Mountain make sure you know exactly which trail you are looking for

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