Some of my favorite restaurants EVER are the ones that look questionable from the outside but then you’re pleasantly surprised after. Salsa’s, as you can see from the sign, offers Mexican Caribbean food that’ll put any other Mexican cuisine to shame. The one thing that was easy to notice about Asheville restaurants, is that the ingredients in the recipes are hormone-antibiotic free, locally grown and purchased, and as fresh as they can possibly get.

Recommended by my world traveling friend, Vickie, who knows all of the hot spots when it comes to food, we checked out a restaurant called Salsa’s for dinner on Friday night. The restaurant itself is not very big, and people will line up outside and wait however long it takes to enjoy a pomegranate margarita, steaming molcajetes (which I had never seen in my life) or sweet potato paquetez. We split the nachos and enjoyed a margaritta before meeting up with my friend, Mary Helen who traveled from Atlanta to come visit us.

I know it’s a very cliche girly thing to say, but really, it’s great to have such good friends who make an effort and travel from all over to see each other. The older i’m getting, i’m realizing just how important it is to cherish these dear friendships. It was so great seeing everyone and makes me thankful to have such great friends and family in my life.

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