Last night I was laying in bed on Pinterest thinking about how difficult it is going to be in the winter to get dressed in the morning for work. I was looking at some tips on how to transform my summer staples into appropriate attire for the change of seasons.

Although they’re usually associated with lazy days, this season sweatshirts and cardigans have hit the runway hard for Fall 2013. I am so excited to pair oversized sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts with tights, scarves and boots. This is one of my favorite looks for Fall and I cannot wait to be comfy and warm at the office.

The best advice I read is to make your bold summer pieces fall-appropriate by layering a bright coat, cardigan or jacket over your typical summer work dress. Sounds easy enough right?

The outfits above are perfect for those warmer, almost-fall days. I can’t wait to pair my summer dresses with a cardigan and a pair of colorful tights and call it a day.

As for the dress, who says floral is only for spring and summer? Like with most patterns, if the floral has a dark base it’s definitely appropriate with a pair of boots!

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