Happy Day 2 of the clean eating challenge! Today has been a little bit more difficult than yesterday because I have had two opportunities to go out to eat. We ordered Jason’s Deli in for lunch and Jake wanted to get sushi for dinner tonight, I said no to both and opted for these choices below.

For many people, eating out is a way to relax and socialize, but when you are trying to eat healthy dining out can be a challenge. Some simple rules I have found is to always plan ahead, look at a menu and decide what the healthiest choice is before you been get there. Also, be conscious of your portion sizes. You can order smaller portions, split a meal with someone else, or save part of your meal for later. Your best bet is to cut back on going out to eat which I am trying to do.

Meal #1: 2 eggs and half an avocado
Snack #1: 1 packet maple brown sugar oatmeal
Meal #2: cucumber salad (pictured above) 1/2 cup cucumbers, 1/2 cup tomatoes, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 1/2 cup avocado and pepper
Snack #2: whole wheat waffle with peanut butter
Meal # 3: taco salad- lettuce avocado 1/2 cup meat, and corn

Workout: boot camp conditioning hour long class

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