Here’s to two weeks of clean eating, starting today. I am a true believer that it takes two weeks to get your body cleaned up and ready to make changes so I have decided to take on the challenge. Like many people I usually give up on a diet and exercise program after just one week because I want instant results. I am overall pretty good about eating healthy and working out but the weekends kill me. After two weeks of eating a CLEAN, balanced diet, my cravings should be minimized, I will have more energy mentally and physically, and the number on the scale should go down 🙂 I will be tracking what I eat each day and my workouts, hopefully I can stick to it! My goal is to eat three small meals and two healthy snacks each day with at least 60 minutes of working out 5 days a week. Meals 1: 1/2 cup oatmeal Meal 2: salad, avocado, quinoa, cottage cheese Snack 1: 1/2 cup almonds Meal 3: plain turkey sandwich Snack 2: Cup of Greek yogurt, 10 blueberries Workout day 1: one hour spin class & 2 mile walk

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