Yes, I am again writing about food. Today is day three of the clean eating challenge and it is getting a little more difficult to only make healthy choices. Last night Jake and I had a taco night at my apartment, I opted for a taco salad with lettuce, avocado, corn, & taco meat. We caught up on Homeland, trying to get through season 2 before the next season comes out on Sunday & walked around the lake.

Today’s food and workouts:

Meal 1- Whole wheat waffle with peanut butter

Snack 1- 1/2 cup almonds

Meal 2- salad with avocado and cottage cheese, berries

snack 2- hummus and pretzel thins

meal 3- turkey burger with no bun

Workout- hour of weights at the gym

Happy Day 2 of the clean eating challenge! Today has been a little bit more difficult than yesterday because I have had two opportunities to go out to eat. We ordered Jason’s Deli in for lunch and Jake wanted to get sushi for dinner tonight, I said no to both and opted for these choices below.

For many people, eating out is a way to relax and socialize, but when you are trying to eat healthy dining out can be a challenge. Some simple rules I have found is to always plan ahead, look at a menu and decide what the healthiest choice is before you been get there. Also, be conscious of your portion sizes. You can order smaller portions, split a meal with someone else, or save part of your meal for later. Your best bet is to cut back on going out to eat which I am trying to do.

Meal #1: 2 eggs and half an avocado
Snack #1: 1 packet maple brown sugar oatmeal
Meal #2: cucumber salad (pictured above) 1/2 cup cucumbers, 1/2 cup tomatoes, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 1/2 cup avocado and pepper
Snack #2: whole wheat waffle with peanut butter
Meal # 3: taco salad- lettuce avocado 1/2 cup meat, and corn

Workout: boot camp conditioning hour long class

Last night I was laying in bed on Pinterest thinking about how difficult it is going to be in the winter to get dressed in the morning for work. I was looking at some tips on how to transform my summer staples into appropriate attire for the change of seasons.

Although they’re usually associated with lazy days, this season sweatshirts and cardigans have hit the runway hard for Fall 2013. I am so excited to pair oversized sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts with tights, scarves and boots. This is one of my favorite looks for Fall and I cannot wait to be comfy and warm at the office.

The best advice I read is to make your bold summer pieces fall-appropriate by layering a bright coat, cardigan or jacket over your typical summer work dress. Sounds easy enough right?

The outfits above are perfect for those warmer, almost-fall days. I can’t wait to pair my summer dresses with a cardigan and a pair of colorful tights and call it a day.

As for the dress, who says floral is only for spring and summer? Like with most patterns, if the floral has a dark base it’s definitely appropriate with a pair of boots!

Here’s to two weeks of clean eating, starting today. I am a true believer that it takes two weeks to get your body cleaned up and ready to make changes so I have decided to take on the challenge. Like many people I usually give up on a diet and exercise program after just one week because I want instant results. I am overall pretty good about eating healthy and working out but the weekends kill me. After two weeks of eating a CLEAN, balanced diet, my cravings should be minimized, I will have more energy mentally and physically, and the number on the scale should go down 🙂 I will be tracking what I eat each day and my workouts, hopefully I can stick to it! My goal is to eat three small meals and two healthy snacks each day with at least 60 minutes of working out 5 days a week. Meals 1: 1/2 cup oatmeal Meal 2: salad, avocado, quinoa, cottage cheese Snack 1: 1/2 cup almonds Meal 3: plain turkey sandwich Snack 2: Cup of Greek yogurt, 10 blueberries Workout day 1: one hour spin class & 2 mile walk

Weekend Shenanigans.


Weekend Bonfires. This is exactly how we spent our Saturday night in celebration of the seasons officially changing on Monday. They’re an amazing way to wind down a busy, hectic week with a beer in hand while being surrounded by good friends.  I love the chill of the evenings as we move into the fall season! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Black + White will ALWAYS be a favorite color combination of mine mainly because of how classic it is! Lately, I have been in stripe mode, actually I am never out of stripe mode. I have been seeing a lot of stripes lately, mostly in black and white. Not only in fashion but also in interiors. Here is an impression of ‘stripy things’ that I have found online. How cute is that black and white sweater?