Day 3.


We started off our last day in Arizona with breakfast at Over Easy. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive ins & Dives and has a great menu to choose from. Jake ordered the Wolfpack which was 2 eggs bacon and cheese between layers of hashbrowns. It was a great way to start off our morning and cure our hangover from the night before.


After full bellies we headed back to the resort where they had zip lining set up. The zip line ran over the river and was offered from 10am-2pm on the weekends. It was $5 a person or $20 dollars for an unlimited pass. I was so excited, but a little skeptical since I have a fear of heights.  


This was the first time that I had ever gone zip lining before and Jake’s second time. They allowed two people to go at a time so Jake and I were able to go side by side. Somehow Jake jumped out further than me and finished a lot faster!


With so much sight seeing and adventure during the first two days of our trip we did our best to have a lazy Sunday relaxing by the pool before I had to head to the airport that afternoon. After breakfast and zip lining  we ordered some fruity drinks and headed to the pool to catch some sun. 

Between the exquisite property (complete with fire pits, hammocks, pools, tennis courts, slides, zip lining, golf ), the wonderful meals and excellent service, I would have been content to never return home.

One of the highlights:  running into Tim Tebow at our resort ( I was in heaven)


Our trip to Scottsdale was incredible. The people, the pools, the desert, the food…I am definitely ready to visit again!


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