Spray Tan.



Last night Meredith and I decided we were scary pale and decided to give each other spray tans. The best self tanner that I have found is the Victoria Secret tinted self tan body spray. It goes on even and you don’t turn out orange.


1. Exfoliate! You want to exfoliate really well before putting on any self tanner. Make sure to scrub any areas that typically build up dead skin — knees, elbows, etc. 
2. Moisturize. You can either mix the self tanner with your lotion or moisturizer if you want the tan to be gradual, or put your lotion on first, and then use the self tanner. Keeping your skin moisturized will keep your tan looking its best.
3. Wear loose clothing. Just for a while right after application until your skin is dry then you can change. 
4. Showering. If you are wanting to keep the glow for a few days, then don’t scrub too hard in the shower after you apply the tanner. However if you feel like you put too much on, that is exactly how you can tone it down a little — a warm soapy scrub. 

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