Panini Party.

Good sandwiches aren’t just for meat lovers. Ever since I bought my panini maker last year I have been beyond obsessed with making paninis for dinner every night.  It’s time to think beyond hot pastrami and grilled chicken. When it comes to sandwich fixings, you can put almost every type of topping imaginable that is available in your fridge. Everything to me is better in sandwich form including vegetables and different types of cheese. 

My favorite vegetable panini is loaded with good for you ingredients, it feels you up but doesn’t leave you feeling miserably full. I use the 100 calories sandwich thins, spinach, pepper jack cheese, turkey, peppers, avocado and mushrooms. The best part is avocado. It only takes minutes to make and it is delicious! 


I always make different easy sides to go along with the panini too. The top picture is tomato mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. The bottom picture side is avocado, cottage cheese, corn, black beans and tomato. 

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