Last week I finally got around to reorganizing my closet and bringing out all of my summer clothes.  I hadn’t reorganized my closet in such a long time and forgot about half of the clothes that never get worn. Things were pretty messy and chaotic but I was finally able to make more space and get rid of stuff that I will never wear. 

I went through all of my clutches, shoes and handbags and organized them by occasions. Then started going through stuff that I never wear and getting rid of it. I put away some of my heavier sweaters, winter jackets and scarves and replaced them by pulling out all of my summer tank tops, shorts & skirts.

The next big task that I am going to do is organize by color. Not only is it simpler to be able to quickly find what you’re looking for, but it also helps you get an idea of what your closet has enough of which is on my next list of things to do.

I have a good collection of necklaces, but realistically, I always forget to add a necklace to my outfits because I don’t keep them accessible. By putting them where I can see them I will now be able to wear a variety instead of the same ones over and over.  

I also cleaned up my bathroom counter with these organizing container. Which saved a ton of counter space.

Happy organizing!

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