Healthy Eating Preparation.


Eating clean definitely takes planning and preparation.  It has to be REALLY easy to make healthy choices, or else (if you’re anything like me) you won’t. 


You have to take the time to make healthy food ready to grab and go, so eating clean is easy and having a healthy diet is a no-brainer.  For me, this means cooking and getting all of my meals ready for the week on Sundays!  


The first step for my food prep is to make a list. My list usually always contains the same exact things each week but sometimes I will switch it up a bit. I always get the cracked red pepper hummus, eggs, stir fry vegetables, chicken breast, turkey lunch meat, sandwich thins, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, avocados, cottage cheese,whole wheat pasta, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes . 


If it weren’t for food prepping each week, my diet would probably consist of some leftovers and whatever food was within reach in the pantry.


I know having all these fresh fruits and veggies ready and waiting has definitely made me eat more healthy!


When I get home from the grocery store I will cook up the stir fry, bake the chicken breast, make whole wheat pasta salad & boil the eggs. I make up five of the meals below for lunch each week and then eat the chicken breast and stir fry throughout the week for dinner.


{ Cottage cheese, pasta salad, lettuce with Italian dressing}

{ Turkey sandwich with avocado, peaches, carrots }


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