Thicker Brows.

Tuesday night Kalyn, Morgan and I were finally able to spend a night together catching up. We decided to check out a new restaurant called  Drake’s that is close to our apartment. I ordered the California grilled chicken sandwich, it was delicious and had a lot going on. There was guacamole  tomato, blue cheese, bacon, mayo and dijon mustard. The sandwich was served with sweet potato fries which was my favorite part. 

They also had over twenty craft beers to choose from so we each got an assortment of beers to try with their $4.50 flight special! Before we headed to Drakes for the night Morgan told us about a new beauty routine that she has been trying to follow. When it comes to your beauty routine, it’s easy to fall into a slump of applying the same product and looking the same day after day. After watching Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars she has been trying to follow the easy steps of making her eyebrows look more full. 

So before we went out we had her fill in our eyebrows with some of her powder that she has been using to make them look more thick. It’s crazy to me how much your eyebrows are actually the feature that frames your whole face, and a little grooming can go an extra-long way! If your brows are on the lighter or thinner side, try filling them in with a powder or pencil that’s a complementary shade to your hair color. For blondes: a taupe color; for darker hair: a light or dark brunette shade.


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