First Stop Cozumel.


Our first stop on our cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. This was my first time ever visiting Mexico and I absolutely LOVED this port. I definitely plan on going back here for an all inclusive vacation someday. 


When we got off the boat in Cozumel there were tons of beaches to choose from. It took us awhile to decide on where we wanted to go but decided the 25 dollar package to Playa De San Juan a small beach about twenty minutes away was the best deal.  


The private beach had amazing views and crystal clear water. I couldn’t believe how blue and clear the water was, you could see all the way down to the bottom. I loved everything about it and the weather that day was perfect. 


They had a separate area on the beach with hammocks to relax in & a massage hut. We enjoyed shrimp tacos and buckets of Coronas. 


The most exciting part of visiting Cozumel besides the beautiful water & warm weather was our snorkeling experience. While snorkeling we saw tons of fish, barracudas, a sting ray, & we got to hold a star fish!


That night we had to get back on the boat before 4:00. We got all dressed up for the Captain’s dinner which was the elegant night on the boat.


We had lobster and jumbo shrimp for dinner followed by the warm chocolate melting cake. 


We ended the night at the casino and watching another comedy show. 

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