Bourbon Street Day 1.


I can’t believe our vacation is already over and it’s back reality today. We drove 12 hours to New Orleans Saturday night enjoying everything the city had to offer. The twelve hour car ride was not near as bad and long as I thought it would be. 


We arrived to New Orleans Sunday morning and started our vacation off with a bloody mary and breakfast at Mother’s Restaurant. We got there  early enough to beat the crowd and the huge line that formed outside. We ate incredible New Orleans food: Mothers for breakfast, sausage, ham, eggs & these Po’ boys below followed by the most spicy bloody mary I have had.


After breakfast we explored the shops downtown finding souvenirs to bring home. The stores were full with masks, mardi gras beads & different kinds of hot sauces. After walking through all of the shops we made a final stop at the casino before heading back to our hotel. 


After a much needed long nap after our eventful day exploring downtown we went to Bourbon Street for dinner and a night out on the town. We had delicious Cajun food for dinner creole, gumbo & rice. 

And I learned what a Beignet is: a dessert served with powdered sugar on top; filled with fruit and usually served hot.


We made our way to Pat O Briens while stopping at a few other bars along the way. We sat outside on the garden patio, listened to live music and drank their famous Hurricane drink. They are definitely as deadly as people say.



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