Mexico Bound.


This week has been insanely busy so far and I am just patiently waiting for the weekend to finally get here!  I’ve been scrambling around since Monday to get everything taken care of before we leave on Saturday for a much-needed vacation to Mexico. 


We’re headed to New Orleans Saturday night after work for a five day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. I can’t wait to alternate between the pool and beach, eat great food and explore the country. 

Sometimes I love just having a me day. And yesterday I did just that!  I had a blast yesterday treating myself to a day of confidence boosting beauty love. I spent the day picking up some last minute things for our cruise. I took a trip to Target and bought the Lauren Conrad book to read on the beach, a new Target fringe bathing suit & a last minute coverup. After Target I spent my evening getting a mani, pedi. Good ending to my night 🙂

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