5 Things to Look Forward To This Month.

Hello, hello. 2013 has already been a great year and very exciting so far.  In January I thought ‘Wow, this month went quickly’ and I am thinking the same thing about February so far. I compiled a list of the five things I am most excited about that I have coming up! 

Today I get to see my mom! She is coming down tonight with customers from work: we are going to go to a Pacers game, staying at the Hilton & having breakfast Thursday morning. 

Tomorrow Jake I celebrate our first Valentine’s Day! We both have to work 9am-9pm on Thursday so no big plans! 🙂

3 days until my Brother visits Indianapolis! Robbie and his friend Taylor are coming down Saturday night. They are going to stay at my apartment after we go out in Broadripple for the night.

19 days until I will be in Mexico! Leaving on the 3rd of March and staying in New Orleans for the night. Then we are cruising to Progreso Mexico and Cozumel!

31 days until Mary Helen visits for St Patty’s Day! We are celebrating St Patty’s Day weekend in Chicago with some friends from Purdue!

This is going to be an exciting month!!! 🙂

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