Happy Friday!

Lately I have been loving the comfy, fun & boyish look of a puffer vest. Last month I found a black one on sale at Old Navy for only twenty dollars and since then I have been finding so many ways to layer it with my outfits.


Puffer vests are the answer to fun and boyish winter layering that can be easily transformed into a look that’s girly and glam.

image I have come to the realization that the puffer vest can be worn with basically everything in my closet. From jeans to maxi skirts layered with sweaters and dresses.It’s perfect for a comfy Friday at work. 

My favorite look this winter has been leggings with high boots, a t-shirt or button up with the puffer vest on top you’re cozy and chic.


After being inspired by the top two pictures on Pinterest I found the exact same outfit at Old Navy. A blue and pink button down flannel, skinny jeans, black vest & black boots. Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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