Skyzone Air Aerobics.

I hate working out super late. I usually have no energy and all I want to do is hop in my pajamas and fall asleep. I usually try to workout as soon as I get home from work so that I don’t make excuses to not go to the gym. My normal workout routine is to do a 6 o clock class at LA Fitness or go to the gym and run at my apartment. 

Last night Kalyn, Anne and I decided to check out Skyzone Aerobics. The workout was hard to get through because of all of the jumping, running & weight training. I wanted to quit after the first five minutes. The class started with a few light warm ups before moving on to trampoline sprints. After we ran the laps and the warm-up was over we started circuit training that followed the perimeter of the court. 

The circuit was a nice full body workout that targeted every part of your body. After the circuit we ended the class running sprints again. Sky aerobics was definitely a great workout! 

I was skeptical at first about working out on a trampoline. 

  • – NASA concludes that the benefits of the trampoline are 68% more effective than jogging.
  • – 10 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging, without the added stress on your joints.
  • – Bouncing enhances overall coordination, spatial awareness, flexibility, timing, reaction speed, agility, and balance.

It takes a lot more effort to maintain balance and form on a trampoline, and your body benefits from the extra effort 🙂

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