Happy Monday! This weekend went way to fast and I cannot believe we are starting another work week already! On Saturday, Meredith and I started our morning with a big homemade breakfast & chocolate covered donut coffee! 


We ran some morning errands to Kroger & came across the 10 for $10.00 variety beer special, made a trip to the mall for Morgan’s Birthday present & we went to Gigi’s cupcakes and enjoyed a red velvet cupcake free sample all before 10AM. 


It was one of the sunniest days we have had in January, with 60 degree weather we took a two mile walk around the lake and had all of our windows in our apartment open! Saturday night a bunch of friends went to Morgan’s apartment for dinner and drinks to celebrate her birthday. We played kings, enjoyed pulled pork and homemade macaroni and cheese & headed out to Broadripple for the night!


After all the fun on Saturday night, Sunday was spent on the couch watching a lot of football & taking multiple naps throughout the day. Jake and I had dinner Sunday night at Detour Express since we had a livingsocial that was about to expire! They had amazing waffle fries & half price beers! 


Hope you had a great weekend!

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