Back to Reality.

So I just go back from my three day cruise from Miami to Nassau Bahamas with my mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend Adrienne. It was the first cruise that any of us had ever been on so no one really knew what to expect on the trip. I couldn’t believe how much there was to do on the ship, three days was definitely not long enough!  

On Thursday we flew out of Indianapolis into Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Once we arrived in Florida we took a thirty minute taxi to the ports in Miami. While spending the night in Miami we enjoyed an outside concert, mango daiquiris and had a seafood dinner on the pier in Miami.

Our view from dinner in Miami 

Friday afternoon we started to board the Carnival Imagination ship. We got into our rooms and headed straight to the pool on the top deck. I couldn’t believe how huge the ship was. It took us forever to find our way around.

One of the reasons I loved the cruise so much is you are in the middle of the ocean with no cell service, no internet and a boat full of new people to meet and just about unlimited things to do. 

The main thing to do on a cruise is eat, eat, and eat. You could always find pizza and ice cream 24 hours a day on the Lido deck! Every dinner there was an appetizer, main dish, and dessert. It was pretty amazing.

Dinner included all kinds of yummy stuff, lobster, filet mignon, sushi, creme brulee

& the most delicious chocolate melting cake I’ve ever had…

Carnival Cruise has one of the friendliest and accommodating staff I’ve ever experienced; you can really tell that they enjoy working on the ship.  How cute is this towel origami elephant they surprised us with after cleaning the room?!

On the cruise we were each allowed to bring a wine bottle per person which we brought to dinner every night to share with the table

Our first stop was Nassau Bahamas, where we spent one day. We walked around the town and looked at the little shops and markets, then went to Paradise Island for the day. It was so beautiful, the water was crystal clear and bright blue. 

80’s Flashback Dance Party & Comedy shows

I miss being on the cruise already. Relaxing and looking out into the neverending ocean. What I don’t miss is the feeling of the boat swaying and feeling sea sick!

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