The last time I visited Miami was in college, senior year Spring break with some friends from Purdue. We stayed in South beach for a week & I immediately fell in love with the city.  Tomorrow morning my family and I are going on a three day cruise to the Bahamas and I couldn’t be more excited and ready for this vacation! We fly into Miami tomorrow afternoon and then leave for the Bahamas on Friday!

Unlike a road trip there are a whole set of different rules when traveling by plane on what you can bring. If you are like me, packing for vacation is a struggle because you usually want to bring your entire closet with you! (Stupid baggage restrictions). I spent last night packing, organizing and figuring out exactly what to pack in my suitcase. Maxi dresses, sundresses and bathing suits were mainly what I am bringing along and of course some accessories, a floppy sun hat, sunglasses, sandals and jewelry! 

The most important and helpful tip to squeezing a dresser’s worth of clothes in your suitcase is to roll instead of fold your clothes when packing. Roll up jeans, t shirts, sweatshirts, and pajama top instead of folding them! This is a great way to save space! 

1. Simple colorful bikini that you can mix & match with other suits 2. a pair of white shorts 3. one simple maxi dress for the day or the night 4. Don’t forget your beach tote 5. Simple long tees 6. Fun colorful jewelry (bracelets, earrings & necklaces) 7. A comfortable sweatshirt for the cooler nights 8. a good one piece suit 9 & 10. basic shorts that go with everything 11. Stripes! 12. Beach towel 13 beachey nail polish 14. wedges 15. don’t forget the sunscreen 16. sunglasses 17. simple flip flops

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