The Weekend is Here!

This past week flew by & I cannot believe Friday is already here. This past week was great and very relaxing: I spent Tuesday night watching the elections, making mexican lasagna and enjoying a bottle of Moscato while waiting to see who was going to be our next president.  

Wednesday during the day I did some shopping and ran a few errands that I have been putting off for weeks now. I went to Keystone at the Crossing to the Apple store, Nordstrom Rack & to the Container Store. 

Wednesday night Meredith and I did a new workout app that I downloaded on my phone, made basil pesto pasta for dinner & ate apple turnovers with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert while spending our evening watching lifetime movies!

This weekend I am planning on packing for my cruise to the Bahamas, hosting a Birthday party at our new apartment & doing a little shopping! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend 🙂

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