My Best Friend’s Wedding.

This weekend, I went back to Kendallville to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best childhood friend, Hayley, and her wonderful fiance-now-husband, Justin! I shed a few tears, wore a fancy dress & got to ride around in an awesome party bus!

(Caught the bouquet + Father daughter dance)

Hayley was such a beautiful bride! Her wedding dress was to die for and we kept telling her how she looked better than the Pinterest Brides. It was such a great weekend I still cannot believe it is already over!

Best Friend: A best friend loves you the most. A best friend cries with you when you get hurt. A best friend cuddles you when they know you need to be comforted. A best friend doesn’t have to ask what is wrong, they already know. A best friend holds your hand when you have to take a leap. A best friend isn’t embarrassed by the things you do. A best friend is someone you can be completely yourself around 🙂

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