With Halloween just around the corner it is probably time to start thinking about costume ideas. The Hunger Games movies characters will definitely be a popular costume this Halloween. 

1. Effie Trinket: Effie’s look can be transformed this Halloween very easily by decking yourself out in pink from head to toe, adding a light pink wig with a flower & making your skin as light as possible. Any 90’s pink dress with puffy sleeves from a thrift store would be perfect for replicating Effie! 

2. Capitol Costume: The possibilities are endless if you want to go as someone from the capitol, just think colorful! Purchase a colorful bob cut wig or use colored hairspray, add jewels to your face & a crazy colorful outfit!

3. Katniss Hunting Costume: Neutral colored pants, a leather jacket, a backpack, & some laced up boots! 

4. Katniss girl on fire: Black leggings & black tank top, decorate a cape with flames and sparkles

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