Happy Halloween! :)

October 31st! Happy Halloween everyone!!! 🙂


Lunchbox Inspiration.

I am super excited about these new lunchboxes that we found last night at Target in the Tupperware aisle.

 These Ziploc containers have a larger section and then two smaller sections which is great to put your own combination and variety of foods.  

This lunch box has little dividers inside that come with lids so you never have to worry about spilling!

On the top left is cottage cheese, on the top right is mixed vegetables broccoli  cauliflower & carrots and the bottom part is iceberg lettuce croutons and cheddar cheese.

 It will be so quick and easy to just grab these every morning before work! Check out tons of different lunchbox ideas HERE!


{Gorgeous sunset last night outside of my apartment}

I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art.

Weekend Festivities.

This weekend we celebrated Kalyn’s twenty fourth Birthday downtown on Mass Ave. We had a sushi dinner at Forty Five Degrees followed by Sake bombs which couldn’t have been more fun. 

{Cupcakes + Taps & Dolls Bar + 4.00 Pinnacle}

{Halloween Costumes + Frankenstein outfits }

{Finished decorating & organizing my room}

{New Essie Nail Polish from Target}

{Red Velvet Cupcakes + Banana Muffins + Cream Cheese Icing + Wine}

Artifact Uprising.

Just discovered these cute Instagram books online today! What a fabulous idea. Artifact Uprising has now made it possible to keep all your favorite instagram photos in one cute flip book. There are tons of layouts to choose from and the books come in 2 different sizes. 

With Christmas just around the corner this would be such a great gift! You can easily upload any photo you want and choose a title cover for your book. 

It’s Fridayyyyy!

This week went way to quick but I am glad that Friday has already arrived! This week was full of decorating our new apartment, movie theater popcorn while seeing Argo, lots of runs around the lake, and sitting outside in Broadripple & Ale Emporium enjoying the eighty degree weather. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be spending this weekend celebrating my best friend Kalyn’s twenty fourth birthday downtown 🙂

{Argo Movie + Large unlimited refill popcorn on Tuesday}

{Ale Emporium + two dollar bottles + eighty degree weather}

{Kilroy’s Pink Lemonade Long Island + Wednesday Half Off Drinks}

{Best Friend + First Grade + Polly Pockets + Happy Twenty Fourth Birthday}


I couldn’t be more excited of how cute our new apartment is starting to look now that we are almost all unpacked. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with my new bathroom stuff that I bought on Saturday from Target. It was difficult picking out exactly what I wanted since they had so many cute things to choose from. 

{ Turquoise trashcan, multi colored rug & white/turquoise towels}

{Turquoise & White shower curtain}

{Divider for: lips, hair and skin; as well as a few other necessities}