VDAY Cookies.

This was a great weekend. It was productive but yet very relaxing all at the same time. I worked Friday night until 9PM & then drove 2 hours North to see my family!  Saturday was snowy and cold so we spent our afternoon curled up next to the fireplace eating homemade broccoli and cheese soup!


My Grandma came to visit and we spent the entire day indoors baking about two dozen Valentine’s Day Cookies! I now know how to make her homemade icing recipe : Powdered sugar, milk, and butter.

Saturday night we tried out a new restaurant in Kendallville, GridIron Bar & Grill. Since I can count the number of restaurants in Kendallville on one hand, you can usually expect there to be long waits and people waiting out the door. I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant and the burger that my mom and I split was delicious. Next time I will be trying the Mac & Cheese Sandwich…hello carbs!

No Heat Curls


While looking on Pinterest I came across this tutorial on how to make natural looking curls without using heat. You simply wrap your damp hair around an elastic headband and wear it like this overnight or for a couple of hours. I was a little hesitant at first but this morning when I took off my headband I had curls that lasted the entire day! Some tips that I would tell you if you want to try this yourself is:

Step 1: get your hair damp or let dry for awhile after you shower

Step 2: Put a headband loosely around your foreheard

Step 3: Take a medium size section of hair and twist away from your face.

Step 4: Loop the twist around the headband several times like the picture above

Step 5: Sleep on it!

Step 6: In the morning take off the headband and run your fingers through your hair.

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