10 things that make me terribly happy:

  1. my adorable new apartment in Indianapolis… (especially our little dining room that is decorated so cute)
  2. our spaghetti & asparagus dinner that we got to enjoy last night with the boys followed by cheese cake and red wine for dessert
  3. The Hey Tell application on my phone (feels like I’m using a walky talky)
  4. Skinny Bitch workout DVD (I am still waiting to get the book in the mail)
  5. bright orange pumpkins
  6. knowing that Purdue homecoming is 2 days away
  7. the rain that has allowed me to sleep in till noon and not feel guilty about it
  8. finally having some sort of income starting on Tuesday at my new place of employement Nordstrom Rack 🙂
  9. the surprise package my mom sent me from Kohl’s (you are the best)
  10. enjoying a nice cup of tea while looking out at our lake view

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