Christmas cookies, festive decorations, & Christmas music what better time of the year is there than CHRISTMAS! One of my absolute favorite Christmas tradition that my family & I always do is we drive around our town looking at the Christmas lights people have put up!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be on the road heading back to Kendallville to be with my family over Christmas Break, I have my Spanish final in the morning and then I am leaving right after I ace it (ha yeahh right)! I usually dread the two and a half hour car ride home but this time I am being accompanied by one of the most entertaining people I know (Morgan Ford) she will make this car ride go a lot faster!

I really just want to have a relaxing break but realistically it is going to be far from relaxing! I am going to work everyday over break to make some spending money for the last semester that I have left of college. Not only will I be working over break I am going to also start applying for jobs!

Those things do not make for a very fun or relaxing holiday season but the one exciting thing that I am looking forward to over break is going to Chicago with Al for NYE:):):) We just ordered our tickets offline & this place looks amazing! Check out The Manor! 

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