Heℓℓo. Hoℓα. Bonjour. I am Kelsey Franklin, I am in my last semester of college at Purdue University & will be graduating in May. Everyone told me how fast these four years would fly by & they were definitely right. It is hard to believe that in four months I will be a Purdue alum! I am pretty much your average twenty-one year old (almost twenty-two in 16 days) I like to have fun & spend time with the people that matter most in my life my family & my friends!

 I have wanted to start my own blog for awhile now & I am finally making myself do it! For some reason today I decided that I would actually create my own blog instead of always just telling myself how much I would love to have one.

What better week to start designing a blog other than finals week? I have my biggest final tomorrow night at 7 so this blog will just be another excuse for me not to study as much as I should be. I am hoping with this blog I can share with you all of my experiences & thoughts from day to day!

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