Share, give, hug, love, eat, drink and be thankful for the blessings of another year at its end.



Twenty one has already come and gone….Hello twenty two!!

I woke up this morning with no excitement at all that today was my birthday. No excitement just a throbbing headache from last nights birthday festivities and 25 cent beers at the Neon Armadillo.

Chex Mix.

Today I spent the morning in Fort Wayne with my Grandma looking for a dress for New Years! I thought that it would take much longer to find a dress than what it did considering how picky I usually am when it comes to picking out clothes. However we ended up only being at the mall for an hour and got out of there before it started to get crowded with people returning Christmas gifts and people using up their gift cards. I found a cute one shoulder black dress from Forever 21 that I ended buying to wear in Chicago this weekend.

After getting home from Fort Wayne I decided to make some snacks to take to Al’s sister’s apartment when we go there on Friday for New Years. I decided to make Chex Mix to take with me & white chocolate covered pretzels.

Christmas Pictures.


Most of our day was spent celebrating Christmas at my Aunt & Uncle’s house. We exchanged gifts, ate an assortment of  food, & played apples to apples! This christmas I have loved the:

-nonstop christmas music on the radio!

-Getting to see my little cousin Ellie on Christmas Eve & spending time with my family

-all of the fabulous meals my mom has been cooking for us


Had a blast last night at the Sit-n-Bull for their ugly christmas sweater party! They had a pretty good turn out & I got to hang out with a lot of my friends from highschool that I haven’t seen in awhile. To top off the night I tied first place for the ugliest sweater! I won a twenty dollar gift certificate which paid for my drinks all night:)


It’s Thursday, so typically this would mean all of us girls standing in line for an hour, freezing our butts off waiting to get a good seat in the piano bar at the cactus. Our wristlets would be stuffed full of crystal light packets so that we could order our usual drinks, vodka water.  Since I am at home for break all of my highschool friends & I are going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Sit-n-Bull! I am looking forward to seeing everyone from highschool that I haven’t seen in awhile.


On black Friday my mom & I went shopping and got a bunch of good deals! Our first place we stopped at was the Gap & they had everything in the entire store 50% off until 11am! Luckily we had woken up early & we were able to get a ton of nice stuff for 50% off! I got a bunch of cardigans, tank tops, & this gray scarf but cannot have any of it until Christmas. 3 more days!:)